Jan.04.15 at 11:36 am
The Patreon has reached $600 monthly!

Things that happen on Feb 1st:

  • Release an extra comic that will appear on the Patreon page. I will link it from this blog post and my twitter. (Along with the PSD files you can download and do whatever you want with!)

  • Release a video of the process of making the first comic while walking you through the process. (Also, special thanks to everyone on the $5 tier and above on the video!)

  • All $5 patrons will get the eBooks of all three currently existing Whomp! volumes. Suitable for reading comics on mobile without website bloat~

  • Contact patrons for their photos or other source material for the caricatures!

Things that happen later:

  • Release an extra comic on Feb 7th in the same place with the same bonuses as the first one!

  • Start giving people who were $40 patrons their caricatures!

  • Hold two drawing streams a week where patrons of the $10 tier can join and chat! (I will set up a schedule some time this month)

I don't even have to mention the $100 tier because we are already in touch, and that is a cool person!

What I would like to do:
I want to think of more ideas that will make the $40 tier more exciting for repeat patrons. Not everyone wants a drawing every month, so I'd like to think of something else I can do. Many people suggest putting patrons in the background of comics, but I feel like modifying the comic at all because of a differing source of income can indirectly change the work itself, and I want it to remain as pure as possible for everyone.

I'm also hesitant to add any more "I will draw things" rewards, mainly because I draw very slowly, and if we reach the higher tiers, I will already be drawing during most waking hours.

If you have any ideas, feel free to send them at my twitter @RonnieFilyaw, but PLEASE don't feel bad if I reject them. I am super duper picky and annoying, but I absolutely love you for your effort, no matter what! So if there's anything in particular you've ever wanted, maybe let me know!
Jan.01.15 at 12:31 pm
A link to my Patreon

I know what a lot of you think. Patreon is a place where comic creators go to squeeze money out of fans. This is mostly true BUT

The real fact of the matter is that the more something like Patreon can help a creator, the more time and motivation the artist has to create. It's difficult when an artist has to do odd-jobs or even work their full time job while still coming home to pour their heart and soul into three to five comics a week.

There is so much I could do with support from Patreon. So much I want to do for you.

Question: "If you do a second comic like I see in your goals, what happens to Whomp!?"
Answer: Whomp! will be still getting its thrice-weekly update AND the two extra Whomp! comics. This is MORE WHOMP and ALSO ANOTHER THING YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO LOOK AT. Also, it means I will be able to actually live within my means while putting my soul into my work. The greatest inspiration is the support to keep working.

I'll also be recording drawing sessions and drawing live for backers. There is absolutely nothing but good things happening here!

I don't like to ask for support, but this would help me more than you could possibly imagine. Let's do this together.

I love you. *smooch*
Sep.26.14 at 09:51 pm
Hey guys! I meant to put this on the blog earlier that I have started streaming video games on Twitch.tv! I use a fairly decent microphone and talk at you while I'm bad at the video games.

So far I've mostly only done Zelda II, but I plan on doing lots more. Tomorrow I'm going to do a super long stream starting at 2PM EST. I will start with Zelda, then go in with some other games to mix it up. I also plan on giving away a Steam game at the end of each scheduled stream, but it's not gonna be anything huge (Maybe $5-$10)

The plan is more or less to do this 3x a week. Big shows on Saturday, smaller shows on Monday and Wednesday, and shows randomly when I feel like it.


If you follow me on twitch, you will get an e-mail when I've gone live (If you have default notification settings).

I also announce it on Twitter! (@RonnieFilyaw)

I hope to see you there!
Sep.05.14 at 07:37 am
Out there on the internetting, there is a comic called Woody After Hours. For the past couple of weeks, our beloved ball of Hawaiian shirt and sadness has been making appearances in the comic!

I drew Ronnie in each comic and helped write his particular brand of weirdness.

So go check it out! Today is the last day of Ronnie's arc, but feel free to read their comic start to finish, and add it to your regularly followed comics~

Here's the first Ronnie strip:
Jul.30.14 at 11:35 am
It was a small con, so not a ton of people, but that's okay! I had a lot of fun and met some really cool people. Thank you so much for coming to see me!

Here's the album of images!
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