Jan.30.14 at 01:12 am
Sorry if I've been late in responding to your e-mails lately. Sometimes I let a week or two slip by, even though I'm reading them almost every day. If you don't get a response to me, either hold on a bit longer, or it might have gotten bounced by the mail servers, which does happen on occasion.

Thanks for understanding, and keep being my beautiful friends!
Dec.30.13 at 02:59 pm
Many wonder the origins of the "K" on the head of Santa's motivational partner.

Some theorize that, due to Saint Nicholas's Greek origins, the K might be from the greek m???? K??????? which can be very loosely translated to 'Motivation Dude.'

Others believe that he is, in fact, Krampus, the monster of Alpine folklore that punishes misbehaving children.

Another school of thought is that perhaps his face has become so distorted from centuries of violence, scorn and grimacing expressions, the M that was there has twisted into the shape we see now.
Dec.21.13 at 01:41 pm
I don't make very many of these posts, do I? Sometimes I feel like I'm neglecting you, but at the same time, I like to think my comics encompass the important things I want to tell you about me.

Either way, I'll chat at you a little.

Christmas is here, and that means something different to everyone. Some people are invested in the faith that surrounds it, and others just enjoy a season of cheer and giving. Personally, I enjoy giving gifts and selfishly savoring the reactions they give.

A majority of people don't celebrate Christmas, and that's great, too! Because, people around the world have their own traditions that are just as important to them as my traditions are to me. I love to learn about what holidays they find special and to share in that whenever possible.

Most of all, however, I hope you find your peace and happiness every day. If you're the kind of person who gets really depressed around the holidays that everyone else is enjoying, I'd like you to do your best to find your own joy in any way you need to. Don't let anything bring you down, especially not the happiness of others.

Now, obviously you can't just think yourself to happiness, but if you're feeling down, try and do something that involves leaving the house. Maybe go somewhere you've never gone before. Go to a pet shop and look at the lizards and birds and hermit crabs. Eat lunch alone in a diner (and buy a slice of cake!). Despite what you and I think, no one is actually judging us when we eat alone!

If you can't leave the house, watch a favorite movie you haven't seen in a while. Don't look at your phone at all! If you spend all your time on your computer, try turning it off and finding other things to do for the day.

These are all very specific examples, but the most important thing to separate yourself from a rut is to do something different for a whole day. We're so connected in so many ways that perhaps, just a bit, we lose a bit of ourselves sometimes, and it can help to shake things up. When we think we're supposed to always be part of the whole, we feel incomplete when we're alone.

Suggestions like this can seem very empty, and if it is all just peeing into the wind for you, just know it all comes from one place.

That place is that I love you, and I want you to be happy. I hope that can be enough for any day of your life, holiday or not.

- Ronnie
Oct.13.13 at 03:20 am
I recently re-opened the store. There are a couple of cool new posters in there, so check them out! You'll find the link to the store in the menu bar at the top of this page.

Also, I had forgotten to update the quantities on the books, so any time someone tried to check out, it told them it was out of stock. This is fixed and should work normally, now.

If you placed an order last week and wanted to order books but were unable to do so, please let me know via e-mail (ronnie@whompcomic.com) with your full name and I will refund any shipping you spent on the items you bought.

Volume 3 is still not yet ready, because there just aren't enough comics for a book yet! It'll be out as soon as that's the case.
Jul.27.13 at 11:56 pm
A buddy of mine who helped early Whomp! find its footing in literary adequacy gave me a shout out in his newest podcast where he talks at you about classic films (and by classic, I mean B-movies). He's a knowledgeable fella, so if that's something you're into, check out Camp Counseling.
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