Jan.04.15 at 11:36 am
The Patreon has reached $600 monthly!

Things that happen on Feb 1st:

  • Release an extra comic that will appear on the Patreon page. I will link it from this blog post and my twitter. (Along with the PSD files you can download and do whatever you want with!)

  • Release a video of the process of making the first comic while walking you through the process. (Also, special thanks to everyone on the $5 tier and above on the video!)

  • All $5 patrons will get the eBooks of all three currently existing Whomp! volumes. Suitable for reading comics on mobile without website bloat~

  • Contact patrons for their photos or other source material for the caricatures!

Things that happen later:

  • Release an extra comic on Feb 7th in the same place with the same bonuses as the first one!

  • Start giving people who were $40 patrons their caricatures!

  • Hold two drawing streams a week where patrons of the $10 tier can join and chat! (I will set up a schedule some time this month)

I don't even have to mention the $100 tier because we are already in touch, and that is a cool person!

What I would like to do:
I want to think of more ideas that will make the $40 tier more exciting for repeat patrons. Not everyone wants a drawing every month, so I'd like to think of something else I can do. Many people suggest putting patrons in the background of comics, but I feel like modifying the comic at all because of a differing source of income can indirectly change the work itself, and I want it to remain as pure as possible for everyone.

I'm also hesitant to add any more "I will draw things" rewards, mainly because I draw very slowly, and if we reach the higher tiers, I will already be drawing during most waking hours.

If you have any ideas, feel free to send them at my twitter @RonnieFilyaw, but PLEASE don't feel bad if I reject them. I am super duper picky and annoying, but I absolutely love you for your effort, no matter what! So if there's anything in particular you've ever wanted, maybe let me know!